Friends Newsletter

November 2017

As the cold weather is now here, we have been stocking up on our home-made soups. Vegetables harvested from various allotments have been donated to us and I have to say, the cooks have made some delicious soups.


You may remember that our board member Barbie Margetts ran the Great North Run back in September. I have added up all the sponsorship generously given along with the gift aid returned to us and it comes to £378.80! Thank you so much to all who supported Barbie and of course to Barbie for running!

Christmas is still 7 weeks away but our first Christmas dinner will be served in just over 3 weeks now. There are still spaces left but time is running out to book. We need to know numbers and menu choices by 20th November, so do get booking!

Our Christmas gifts, cards and books are now all out on display. We are very limited in what we are able to re-order now so in most cases, when it’s gone, it’s gone! If you are unable to visit us during the week, don’t forget we are open 10am-3pm on Saturdays and we will be open in the evening 7-9pm on Wednesday 29th November, Thursday 7th December, and Friday 15th December. Why not combine your Christmas Shopping with an opportunity to meet with friends? We will be serving our usual selection of hot & cold drinks and cakes on each of those evenings as well. On 29th November, there will be 10% off all Cards, Gifts and Books for that evening opening only.

There will be no Hot Meal Special on the last Wednesday of this month as we will already have started serving our Christmas dinners by then.

As usual, Mandy will be here in the morning from Age UK with her information stand.

God bless,

Sarah Shewring

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