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Book News and Reviews

Books to make you think

Posted on November 24, 2018 at 7:05 AM

One of the joys of reading is meeting new viewpoints, and being challenged to think. I have been reading a few books recently that have helped me to see and think about different sides to Christian and theological issues—and I bought all of these books right here at Cornerstone!

Determined to believe? by John Lennox

How do we think about the apparent conflict between our free will as human beings, and God's sovereignty and rule? If even faith in God is a gift of God, do we really choose to believe in him, or does he choose us? If we don't choose freely, how can God judge us for the choices we make?

Lennox has a very readable style, and is able to cover quite deep questions in a straightforward way that reminds me of C.S. Lewis.

The Day the Revolution Began by Tom Wright

No list of worthwhile Christian books could be without at least one title by Tom Wright!

What happened when Jesus died nearly 2000 years ago is central to Christian belief. Tom Wright argues that Jesus's death on the cross is both the fulfilment of God's promises in the Old Testament, and the beginning of the redemption of all believers with the world (rather than a rescue of believers from the world).

If you have read anything else by Tom Wright, you will know his very readable and persuasive style. And if you haven't, here would be a good place to start.

How I changed my mind about Evolution (ed. Applegate & Stump)

Evolution is obviously a contentious issue in some Christian circles. This is a collection of short essays by Evangelical Christians from different walks of life. Some I found more engaging than others, but all are honest and thought-provoking.

The Lost World of Adam and Eve by John H.Walton

How do we enter the mindset of the Ancient Near East to read the account of Adam and Eve without importing our modern worldview?

This is a fairly challenging read, but an excellent follow-up to Walton's earlier Lost World of Genesis One.

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