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Book News and Reviews

Book News and Reviews

Who are we to judge?

Posted on January 16, 2020 at 5:25 AM

Who are we to Judge? Empathy and Discernment in a critical age by Fraser Dyer (Published by SPCK Publishing)


This book is about how we as Christians have fallen into the trap of judging others while forgetting the commandment to love one another. Judging others is a blockage to love and forgiveness because it requires us to focus on the differences between us rather than the shared joy of accepting each other just as God created us, unique and special to him who first loved us.

The book is split into 3 sections. Part 1 focuses on 'Understanding Judgementalism' and explores why we find it so easy to judge others and the motives that drive this behaviour. Part 2 explores what Jesus says about judgement and how far we have strayed from his teaching. Part 3 encourages discernment and the importance of humility, curiosity and empathy to build understanding of others.

The book is both challenging and encouraging and will help you explore your own attitudes towards judging of others and give you insight into different thinking. Some things you'll think 'that's obvious' others will be 'ah ha' moments and others you'll scratch your head and think 'I'm not sure i agree' - an easy book to read that will get you thinking - it may even change the way you engage with others who aren't like you.

Colin Moulds

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