Friends Newsletter

July 2018

It was great to see so many at our AGM on 18th June. I know those I spoke to afterwards were pleased that it was so positive. We definitely did have a good year last year and although our café sales have increased significantly, we do also have a lot to thank our donors for. We couldn’t have put the new floor down without you – so Thank You

Another thing to thank you for is the new coffee machine which arrived on Monday morning a week ago now and was installed and ready to use by lunch time. We are really pleased with it; we hope you will be too. We are still using the same Fair-Trade coffee beans and hot chocolate powder from Oxford Coffee Company, so it should be the same great tasting coffee. The good news is that we have been able to buy the machine outright with a two-year warranty from the profits of last year

We had a great time at the Grove & Wantage Extravaganza on 16th June. It was a lovely day and there were a number of Christian organisations and initiatives all together sharing marquee space and volunteers which worked really well. We were blessed with relatively good weather, just the right number of volunteers and enough seats for those who wanted to sit down to drink their tea or coffee. Thank you to all who prayed for and with us there

Make&Bake for the under 5’s has still been as popular as ever this term. We are running for three more Fridays in July and then breaking up for the summer. We will be keen to advertise over the summer ready for starting back on 7th September as we know many of the children who have now been coming for 2 years, will be starting school or pre-school this September. Do let us know if you can help us advertise.

Please head over to our book blog to find out about some new books on our shelves.

Lastly, this month’s Hot Meal Special will be fish pie, served at 12.30pm on Wednesday 25th July 2018 .

God bless,

Sarah Shewring

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